Criminal Justice College Degree Programs

Criminal Justice College Degree Programs

Criminal Justice Degree - 2 Officers in Riot GearAn individual who wants to begin a career in law enforcement may consider several study programs before making a final decision. Chances are, the person would like to learn a little about the courses in a criminal justice program. Of course, when it comes to finding a criminal justice degree program there are many to choose from. The following outlines some of the study topics that are found in the typical criminal justice degree program.

In an effort to prepare a person for work in the criminal justice career field, there are courses that teach students how to identify evidence. A police detective who is evaluating a crime scene needs to know what types of evidence to look for. Furthermore, students are taught how to properly document pieces of evidence. Knowing how to preserve the integrity of a crime scene is a significant part of police work.

The typical criminal justice degree program also teaches students basic investigative procedures. This includes how to locate witnesses and interview them. Also, students are taught how to write witness reports after they have interviewed people on the scene. Witnesses often prove to be invaluable in the efforts of the police to solve a crime. Consequently, a police officer or detective must know how to take thorough, organized statements.

Another significant topic found in a typical criminal justice program is police procedure. In short, police officers and other law enforcement personnel must be aware of how to handle the situations they will encounter. For instance, in a criminal justice program students are taught procedures regarding the pursuit and apprehension of suspects. They are also taught the safety guidelines that are necessary in a police officer’s daily work. When a person completes a criminal justice program, he or she must be fully aware of all law enforcement procedures.

Ethics are also an extremely important part of any criminal justice program. Law enforcement officials must know how to analyze situations and use critical thinking to evaluate the best course of action no matter how difficult the decision may be. Making ethical decisions is of the utmost importance to any criminal justice professional and a criminal justice program can help to teach the skills needed to make these decisions.

Finally, a typical criminal justice degree program instructs students on how to write reports. Police officers and detectives write a lot of reports in order to document facts. For example, a police officer must write a report in the event of a traffic accident. Also, when a crime is committed a police officer must write a report. Whether the crime is murder or a stolen bicycle a report is written. Learning how to write a thorough report is an invaluable skill for a person working in the field of criminal justice. 

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